Projects supported by SAHAYA Nepal

In this section we report all projects our association is engeaged with.

Your contribution is very much welcome !


Emergency Fund Earthquake 2015

Start:     April 2015

End:      Dec 2015

AIm:      provide a fund for repairs, food, urgent needs

Volume: € 10.000.- for the school, € 2000.- for the orphanage



School Building Extension

              - Phase 1 - building shell

Start:      December 2013

End:       September 2015

Aim:       provide project, art and science rooms

              space for additional students

              achieve registration as school with accepted graduation

Effect:    registration will allow to gain school fees for those students whose families are capable to pay and by that reducing the dependancy from donations

Volume:  € 6000.- for phase 1: completion of the grond floor as raw construct

Status:   collection of funds completed,

              the fund has been transferred to Nepal in March 2014 and Feb 2015

Result:   with your support the building skeleton and shell has been build


Basket ball and table tennis to the people

September 2013 - July 2014

Aim: provide all means to play basket ball and table tennis at the new school yard

Effect: fun to the children during the breaks

Volume: € 750.-

Result: table tennis plate with net and paddles, basket ball poles and nets, and common chairs available for having fun


Paving the Schoolyard

June - August 2013

Aim:  support plastering of the pavement (sponsored by other sources)

Effect school yard can be used through all the year

Volume: € 500.-

Status: fund raising completed; construction completed

Result: rain-proof schoolyard available


Solar Power for the school Saraswoti Pathshala in Bhaktapur

start: February 2013

Aim: installation of a solar power module consisting of solar panels, bateries and respective electronics;

Effect: bridging the frequent power cut (electricity is provided in Nepal at only 8 h a day, some of it at night times)

Volume:                                             € 3000.-


        Solar panels                              € 900.-

        Mounting framework                € 750.-

        Battery                                        € 550.-

        Load balancer, electronics     € 450.-

        Cables, labour, installation    € 350.-

Status:  fund raising and implementation completed

Result: wiring of the building and 500 W solar power now available


Clean Water Supply for Saraswoti Pathshala school / Bhaktapur

December 2012 - March 2013

Aim: reliable provision of drinking water from a nearby well to the tap 

Volume: for as little as € 2220.- only we can provide all material and installation


Piping, valves, pump, labour charge                      €   760.-

Tanks for interim storage of pre-filtered water      €   500.-

Pre-Filter- and Fine-Filter-Cartridges                     €   960.-

(costs for financial transfer to Nepal included)

Current status: planning completed

collection of funds and transfer to Nepal completed;

well water analysis done, 

purchasing and installation works started end January

Result: installation completed Feb 2013 and officially released for drinking purposes by March 21, 2013 upon successful quality proof by water analysis

Project closed March 2013


Projects supported during preparing for SAHAYA Nepal

Project Canteen for Saraswoti Pathshala / Bhaktapur

December 2011 - March 2012

Aim: upgrading a raw space into a canteen in the school Saraswoti Pathshala.

Volume: € 950.- calculated for doors and windows frame and fillings, tables and chairs, a water tank with piping and tap

Donation: a collection in December 2011 provided € 1020.-

Transfer: € 957.- received at Napal Investment Bank Ltd. (difference transfer fee)

Result: canteen opened in March 2012

Project closed March 2012


Project additional Classroom for Saraswoti Pathshala / Bhaktapur

December 2010 - April 2011

Aim: upgrading a raw space into a classroom in the school Saraswoti Pathshala.

Volume: € 600.- for a door and window frame and filling, floor pavement, tables and seats for scholars and a teacher, black board

Donation: a collection Dec 2010 to Jan 2011 yielded € 600.-

Result: the class room went operational with the new school year 2011

Project closed April 2011