More details on the current project

Long-haul project School Building Extension

This is a truly ambitious and strategic project: it is about safeguarding the future of the school Sarasoti Pathshala in Bhaktapur/Nepal:


The current school biilding was errected 2005-2007 as a n only partially completed school building with just a few classrooms at the ground level ready for school purposes. In the meantime all space has been completed and all available rooms are occupied with the various classes offering 150 students an education and a base for a better future: the school is almost overcrowded now. What is the right way to the future? An extensive analysis and consultation of the TOIT advisory board lead to this new venture: an extension building offering 3 levels of 2000 square feet each shall provide all needs required to master the future challenges: 

  • to allow additional students to join the school
  • to provide rooms for project, art and science work
  • these facilities will allow the school to register and to provide an accepted graduation to all students passing the final exam
  • as the school has meanwhile achieved a wide-spread acceptance woith the new offerings it may accept also students capable to pay school fees
  • school fees will add to the income for maintaining school and education and will reduce the dependency of the school from donations

Based on the courage of the school founder Indra Prasad Khaitu and several sponsors the planning has been completed, even the first works have been started: the first half of the groundfloor has already been founded and erected.


The extension building is planned to be erected in several pahses according to the available funds; as in all TOIT projects local material and handcraft will be employed, only. To build the shell brick work each level of the 3-level building will require about € 10.000.-


We regard the concept and the strategic orientation of this long-haul project convincing; all necessary plans and permissions are vailable. Thus, we like to engage as well in the support to complete the ground floor: we reach for a € 5.000 to 6000.- fund! This is also for us an ambitious challenge, but we rely that together with you and our institutional supporters we will be successful to support the first phase of this truly strategic venture.


By Nov 2014 the foundation and skeeton for ground and first floor has been ercted, the next layers up to the third level will follow in the next weeks. 

September 2015: the building shell is almost completed: thanks to the many supporters who made this ambitious project becoming reality!

But this is only the start of the next phase: make the building usable: plastering, electrification, painting furniture: a respective project will be issued here soon.