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Electricity from the plug: anything but regular in Nepal 


Electric power is available in Nepal at only 8 - 7 hours per day, partly at night times: a daily changing schedule dictates the rhythm of life for the Nepali. Thus, the 150 students at the school Saraswoti Pathshala in Bhaktapur can use computer and electrical equipment for a few hours every other day.

Lighting, water pumps, computer: a solar power module to allow use when needed and independent from the power shed schedule would be of great help for teachers and students. With YOUR support solar panels, a battery and respective electronics could be provided for about EUR 3000.- ! As in all our projects for the school Saraswati local purchasing, expertise and work will be employed to support sustainable installation and maintenance.

Nepal is situated along the hillside of the Himalaya, snow and rain is feeding many rivers, thus, proving precondition for water power plants. Unfortunately funds and capital for respective investments are very rare, in consequence the few power stations get funded by the more wealthy neighbors who in return ask to pay dept and interest by power export; during times with low water level electric power has to be imported at high costs. In consequence the electric power available to the people in Nepal gets reduced more and more. For your own impression just click the most recent power shedding schedule

Availability of at least a minimum of power at the school Saraswati Pathshala in Bhaktapur with its 150 students will significantly improve the conditions for living and learning. YOUR donation helps the people to help themselves !

NOTE: The collection for the project is closed: together with you we reached the target byJune 23, 2013 ! Please do not donate anymore for this project.