More details on the project

Paving the school yard

The school Saraswoti Pathshala has a little schoolyard where the students can play durimg the breaks, before or after the lessons. As the yard is made of clay it is soaking wet after rain or especially during monsoon saison and can not be used for playing.


Based on donations by another organisation the school has started to pave the yard. As the fund is not sufficient yet to complete the work we would like to support: for  € 500.- plastering fees can be completed and the student can use the schollyard all year long.


The project got meanwhile funded by a fund raising party "2xSIXTY of Sabine & Christian". Cordial thanks to all sponsors !


Works were completed by end of August: now the children can play outside during breaks even after rainfall. For their lifes this makes a great difference, so thanks to all who contributed!