Funding a project

Collecting donations for our projects is one of the most important tasks of SAHAYA Nepal. 

Funding a student

Sponsoring a scholar is intended to be(come) a mid-term engagement; each sponsor gets related to a named student  and is supposed to support him/her through the terms. While sponsoring may yield a longterm commitment we collect the school fee annually to allow each sponsor to reconsider every year. Please contact us directly in case you would like to engage in sponsoring a child which without your support would never get an approriate education and a hope for a better future.

... and in case you like to donate directly to the bank accounts:

for donations to SAHAYA Nepal e.V. bank account

aiming for the Bhaktapur school project or the KOPILA orphanage project


GLS Gemeinschaftsbank

according to SEPA

BIC:             GENODEM 1 GLS

IBAN:          DE11 43060967 1143285300

or (if SEPA is not available)

Bank Id:            4306096

Account No.:    1143285300


Please do not forget to give the intended purpose, your name and address; this is necessary to provide you with a donation receipt (tax privilege in the EU).