Membership at SAHAYA Nepal e.V.

You share our values, ideas and mission and you like to engage personally? Then you are cordially welcome in our small but highly engaged team ! As a member you get direct information and can influence the activities of our organization.


Membership fees are intended to cover our admin expensesand the costs for transfer of donations toNepal. The fee in 2017 was € 75.- per member, only, while any funds for projects are collected as dedicated donations.


Contact us directly or send the filled form (unfortunately currently in German, only) to


There are many options to help; we have decided to aid one of the poorest countries on this globe by sponsoring education of street kids and, thus, to assist the people to help themself. Let's start together in making this world a little better, right now !

Application for membership at SAHAYA Nepal e.V.
version 2014
(German only, sorry)
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