Our current projects

Here you may find our current projects including a description and the connection to our donation platform. More details on the projects and an overview on all our project portfolio including the completed ones you may get from the following pages.


Currently all projects have been completed: cordial thanks to all supporter!


Projects completed

Here you may find information about our projects which have been completed in a chronological order, starting with the latest.


School Extension phase 3

In a last step of extending the school building we are looking for a music and assembly hall on top of the new extension building. Some pillars and wall elements of the top floor are already existing (then the money run out).


Unfortunately the prices for construction material have literally exploded in consequence of all the repairs and rebuilds after the earthquake; so the last floor has to be build at elevated costs. Irrespective of 6the challenges the room building has been completed and the new assembly hall with windows, doors and even a sound system is meanwhile in use. Many thanks to all supporter and donators!

More Solar Power to the School

The new constitution of Nepal has lead to a smoldering conflict between India and Nepal: to raise pressure on changing the constitution India is blocking any delivery of any kind of fuel since early October. This is also affecting life at our school: no gas for cooking, no power for pumps, internet, light.

We can not influence the conflict, but we can assist the school by raising a fund for an extension of the solar power plant at the roof of the building to provide at least a little energy by own devices.

Even when we not reached our goal completely: the school got enabled to instal 2more solar panels including adjusted electronics. Another step forward: THANKS TO ALL SUPPORTERS WHO ENABLED THIS SUCCESS !

School Extension Phase 2

After the big quakes in April/May 2015 there is debris all around in Nepal, but there is also 

repair, rebuild and new constructions. 

Only 2 years after start of the project School Extension the building skeleton of ground, second and third floor is complete, including walls and frames for windows and doors. Now priority is given to make the building usable.


Finishing the interior:

electrification, plastering of walls, floor and ceiling, glass for the windows, doors, fittings, locks: all together this is available in Nepal for just € 5.100.- per floor

And Furniture:

tables and chair, desks and benches, cupboards and white boards make class rooms, for € 2100.- per floor


This project was completed by Aug 2016 with completing the constructions for the 3rd floor and partly installations for use like doors, windows, reeling at the balconies and  safety stairs. THIS IS GREAT: THANKS TO ALL SUPPORTERS !

Next step will be to support the last construction etappe nr 3


Emergency Fund Earthquake 2015

After the massive earthquakes in April and May 2015 all summer long this was our top priority project: we aimed to provide an emergency fund fast, directly and complete to our main partners in Nepal: TOIT (the school) and KOPILA (the orphanage). We were surprised by the wave of support: just a few weeks after the quakes we transferred € 2.000.- to the orphanage and € 10.000.- to the school organization: 89 children were supported with food, clothes and materials, damages at the school building got repaired and the building skeleton of the extension building was stabilized, all by YOUR SUPPORT: CORDIAL THANKS to all supporters!


Read more at the project page


Long-haul project School Extension

This is a true strategic and long-haul project to secure the future:

the current school building is completely in use. How will the school progress to the future? A 3-level extension building offering 2000 squarefeet per level shall provide the space needed in the next future ! Based on the courage of the school founder INdra Prasad Khaitu and with support of the donators in Germany and France this ambitious project was started; planning and the first works have already been completed; so the ambitious venture already begun!


The extension building is planned to be erected in phases and is aimed to be completed by 2016. Each level is estimated to cost about € 10.000.-

By Nov 2014 the skeleton for ground and first floor has been completed and will be continued in the following weeks to the 3rd level.


September 2015: the building shell is almost completed: thanks to the many supporters who made this ambitious project becoming reality!

Only the start of the next phase: make the building usable: plastering, electrification, painting furniture: a respective project will be issued here soon.

Basket ball and table tennis to the students

Once the school yard has been paved for use even in the rainy season let's help to better use it!

For just € 750.- the school can buy locally in Bhaktapur what's needed to play basket ball and table tennis, this also includes work fees. Read more.


Collection of funds and donations have been completed and the fund has already been transferred to Nepal, we will keep you informed here on the progress at the school yard (see also the BB&TT project page). THANKS A LOT to all sponsors and donators!


Paving the schoolyard

The school Saraswoti Pathshala has a little schoolyard where the students can play durimg the breaks, before or after the lessons. As the yard is made of clay it is soaking wet after rain or especially during monsoon saison and can not be used for playing.


Based on donations by another organisation the school has started to pave the yard. As the fund is not sufficient yet to complete the work we would like to support: for  € 500.- plastering incl.work fees can be completed and the student can use the schollyard all year long.


The project got meanwhile funded by a fund raising party "2xSIXTY of Sabine & Christian". Cordial thanks to all sponsors !

Solar Power for the school Saraswoti Pathshala

Electric power is available in Nepal at only 8 - 7 hours per day, partly at night times: a daily changing schedule dictates the rhythm of life for the Nepali. Lighting, water pumps, computer: with YOUR support solar panels, a battery and respective electronics could be provided for about EUR 3000.-


Availability of at least a minimum of power at the school Saraswati Pathshala will significantly improve the conditions for living and learning. YOUR donation helps the people to help themselves ! Use the button below to donate for our project at the fund raising platform betterplace.org or use the instant form given below the article on the project

NOTE: The collection for the project is closed: together with you we reached the target by June 23, 2013 ! Please do not donate anymore for this project.

Clean Water Supply for the school Saraswati Pathshala

All the target volume have been donated, cordial thanks to all contributors !

Transfer to Nepal is completed; upon deduction of the banking fees  € 2195.-  are available for material and installation. Practical works will start by mid January 2013


For only € 2220.- we can provide a continuous supply with drinking water to 150 schoolgirls and -boys in a school in Bhaktapur/Nepal. The project was prioritized by the school as the clean water supply will significantly improve the care of health and the living conditions.

Read also the article to learn more details on the current project

NOTE: The collection for the project is closed: together with you we reached the target !

Please do not donate anymore for this project.