Volunteering in Nepal

You always intended to visit the roof of the world and Nepal ? Why not making it come true and combining it with voluntary work at a school in the Bhaktapur, the world heritage close to Kathmandu?


We are connected to partners personally known to us and made own experiences in volunteering in Nepal. Board and lodging is very affordable and we'd love to support you in going there. 


Bring in your profession and knowledge to help the school, or dedicate time and practical work. We assist and arrange for contacts to "our" school in Nepal, there is a lot you can contribute; we know by experience it can be beneficial for both parties.


However, caring for a volunteer and the respective organization at the school will withdraw focus and capacities from the daily school work. Thus, we aim to ensure as much as possible in advance that a positive net balance in favor of the school can be reached: we look for real help and assistance, we do not support "good-will-tourism". So in case of interest please send us your vision and idea what you like to bring in to have the school and its students benefit from your work.


There are many nice examples of voluntary work to the mutual benefit of all participants. If you have the opportunity, the dedication and convincing vision our stay at the school will be a life lasting experience! 

In case your are interested in volunteering in Nepal in general you may like to look at the organization VoluNation (German) at


They assist in organizing volunteering in foreign countries in general.