More solar power for the school

Thousands of stranded motor bikes: turn out of gas. The fuel crisis started early October when India blocked the supply of any fuel which meanwhile has serious impacts to the daily live: traffic, economy, heating and cooking in every house now is an issue.


Even at our school the crisis bears harsh effects: electric pumps for drinking water, power for light and internet is very rare; luckily the paper briquette project now helps in the own kitchen to provide warm meals.



We can not influence the underlying conflict between India and Nepal, but we can support the school to ease the power shortage: thus, we started this project on extending the already existing little solar power installation at the roof of the school building:

more solar power to the school!

We aim for about 4 solar panels, 2 batteries, and respective power converter. The current economic situation on the aftermath of the earthquakes do not allow exact project planning as prices are raising fast; however we go for volume of € 2500.-

We will as usual report here on progress and outcome.

Please donate directly using the form below (in German only, sorry) or use our account details.We guarantee that all donations will reach Nepal to 100% and will be used for the described means.